Quality. Clean. Conscious

Skincare: Simplified. We are pleased to introduce izé skincare, a brand at the intersection of California beach lifestyle and French simplicity and sophistication. Our pared-down formulas contain only the ingredients your skin really needs—and the most sustainably-sourced, cleanest, highest-quality versions of them. Now get glowing!
xx, Bénédicte Bakar & Sanne Vloet
The brand’s French co-founder and CEO Bénédicte Bakar is a former beauty publicist and long-time surfer girl who — after five years in the industry — found herself discouraged by the focus on excess and trends rather than on quality products that could the test of time. She understood shortcuts could not be taken when making the very best of something so with help from a veteran cosmetic chemist she set out to create a company with a simplified approach to beauty.
“Growing up on the coast of Northern California as a surfer I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of blending health and beauty with pure natural resources that I could find right in my backyard in California. I wanted to find a way to showcase some of the best ingredients found in nature in a sustainable, ethical and conscious way. All the while maintaining a chic and sophisticated allure inspired by my French background,” says Bakar. “I want izé to be a brand people can feel confident about at any age, with benefits that speak for themselves without hiding behind questionable ingredients labels and misleading marketing techniques.”
What We Believe
Less is more. We aim to empower you to make the best decisions for your skin by being transparent about every facet of our brand—from which farm supplies our pumpkin extract to how we ship the finished product to your door. From seed to bottle, we say what we do, and do what we say.
Our oils are pure, ethically-sourced, and, when possible, procured locally to ensure a smaller carbon footprint. We handcraft all our products in small batches to guarantee a high level of quality and relentlessly test our formulas with a third-party laboratory.
    We Practice Clean Beauty
    Our formulas adhere to the most stringent clean beauty standards. Knowing that everything we put on our skin absorbs into our bodies, we source the finest raw natural ingredients the earth has to offer. 
      We Are Sustainable
      We prioritize eco-friendly, responsibly sourced packaging materials and are committed to minimizing waste and footprint. We donate 1% of sales to environmental causes. We use recycled boxes and paper for our packaging. We use as little plastic as possible. We only work with certified green vendors.